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Support Us Through Purchasing Artworks

The following artworks include Thangkas done by the Gahma Art Studio(No.2011-2018), as well as other Tibet-Themed works done by Haotian Yang. If you want to support us through purchasing a copy of the artworks, please leave your message and the serial number of the artwork on the Donate Page(you can check the serial number by clicking on the photo of the artwork). For $100, you can purchase a printed copy of the works below. If you want to purchase the original Thangkas, the price will be set at $5,000/piece. Thank you for your support!

Yushu Reborn

Photo Credit: Baoyong & Yichen Huang

Video Credit: Yichen Huang

Copyright @ 2021 Haotian Yang All Rights Reserved.

We’re a non-profit dedicated to supporting Yushu Earthquake victims to obtain medical school education.

We’re working under Springside Chestnut Hill Academy`s Center For Entrepreneurial Leaership 500 West Grove Avenue, Philadelphia,PA19118

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