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Your gift will accelerate our progress and truly make a difference

Thank you for choosing to donate! We offer several choices for you to give.
How much would you like to give?
If you want to donate by buying artworks, please tell us the serial number of the art you like. You can purchase a copy for $100, and $5,000 for an original Thangka.  After we receive your donation, we will mail the artwork to you.

Thank you for helping us make changes!

Who Are We

Yushu Reborn

Photo Credit: Baoyong & Philip Huang

Video Credit: Philip Huang

Copyright @ 2021 Haotian Yang All Rights Reserved.

We’re a non-profit dedicated to supporting Yushu Earthquake victims to obtain medical school education.

We’re working under Springside Chestnut Hill Academy`s Center For Entrepreneurial Leaership 500 West Grove Avenue, Philadelphia,PA19118

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