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School  Clinic

The project aims at fundraising for a clinic in Nangqian, Yushu, affiliated with the Cixing School. It promotes the practice of traditional Tibetan medicine by providing free treatments for people in remote areas of Yushu. It also provides internship opportunities and hands-on experiences for Tibetan medicine students at Cixing school.

To date, we have raised $50,000, which helped to cover half of the money needed for the construction of the clinic. The Cixing school was able to secure another $50,000. Yushu Reborn also raised $10,000 for the medical supplies needed at the clinic.




The clinic was approved by county authorities at the end of 2020, and the construction was completed in October, 2021.


In recent years, Cixing School has trained a number of qualified doctors who will be conducting treatments or internships at the new clinic.


All the expenses will be covered by the clinic for patients who are experiencing financial hardships. 

Our Needs

In order to keep providing patients in need with free medicine and medical treatments, we need your help!

Free Treatments
For Patients 

Mulan is both the founder of Cixing school and the manager of the new clinic. He has been going to remote villages every year for the past 14 years with his students to provide free medical treatment and medicinal supplies for people in financial distress. So far, more than 70,000 people have received his treatment.

Yushu Reborn

Photo Credit: Baoyong & Yichen Huang

Video Credit: Yichen Huang

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We’re a non-profit dedicated to supporting Yushu Earthquake victims to obtain medical school education.

We’re working under Springside Chestnut Hill Academy`s Center For Entrepreneurial Leaership 500 West Grove Avenue, Philadelphia,PA19118

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