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China Central Television
CCTV) Documentary

Yushu Reborn partnered with China Central Television Channel 9 to produce a documentary featuring the Cixing school as well as its founder, headmaster Mulan


How it started

The Cixing school is currently at its maximum capacity by providing free educational resources to over 200 children in need. To help it take in more students, we think that publicity is the key. To generate publicity, we sought a partnership with China's largest broadcaster, China Central Television (CCTV). 


Our Roles

We worked with the Cixing school to reach out to CCTV's channel 9 (Documentary Channel). After providing them with detailed information surrounding the school's heroic works and its profound impact on the community of Yushu Earthquake survivors, we were able to convince CCTV to send a crew and make a documentary featuring the Cixing school, its founder, as well as some of Yushu Reborn's ongoing philanthropic efforts related to the school (water heating facilities).



Yushu Reborn worked closely together with the CCTV film crew in revising and reviewing the contents of the documentary in an effort to best reflect the Cixing school's achievements within the 10 years since the earthquake. 


Facilitate Understanding

Our connection and strong relationship with the Cixing school, as well as its faculties, allowed us to communicate with both parties and facilitate mutual understanding between the school and the crew. 


Yushu Reborn

Photo Credit: Baoyong & Yichen Huang

Video Credit: Yichen Huang

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We’re a non-profit dedicated to supporting Yushu Earthquake victims to obtain medical school education.

We’re working under Springside Chestnut Hill Academy`s Center For Entrepreneurial Leaership 500 West Grove Avenue, Philadelphia,PA19118

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