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How it started


Personally, I have always been interested in art. Years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Tibet and see the magnificent Thangkas in the Gyegu Monestary, Yushu. During my quest for more Thangka art, I came across Mr. Tsang Mai and his art studio. He recommended me to the Cixing school in Nangqian, and there I met the Yushu earthquake victims, all of them receiving free education. 

As I listened to their stories, everything started to change. The Earthquake and its disastrous effects came alive to me. The numbers I heard now have faces attached to them, and now they carry a tremendous weight. But I was more shocked by the way the students told their stories to me: they appeared tranquil and not at all traumatized by their own heartbreaking experiences. It was as if they were telling someone else's stories, and I was confused. My confusion started to clear up as I talked with the founder of the school, as well as other faculties. They struck me as unusually warm, affable, and supportive. I was left in awe after that experience. 

I soon realized that what I witnessed on that day was nothing short of a miracle. I was determined that more students deserve the education at Cixing School. Not only because it is free, but also because it has the magical power to heal a broken young heart. I want to be able to hear more and more of the students' stories, narrated in the same calm and content way. And that's how it all started. 


As a photography enthusiast, I've always wanted to visit the great sceneries of Tibet. During a summer vacation in China, I went to Tibet with Mr. Baoyong, an active photographer in the Tibetan area, who introduced me to the county of Nangqian and the Cixing School.

Even though my original plans were to film the famous landscapes of Tibet, but after visiting the Cixing School under the suggestion of Mr. Baoyong, I was shocked by everything I witnessed. The school, from its founder and faculties to its students, was a living epic that shed light on my pursuits as a photographer. Their stories were often disheartening, but at the same time glimmered with hope. Despite the traumas they've been through, their interactions with me were always filled with warming smiles that I could never forget. In their eyes I saw those unwavering sparks of hope that strives among the darkness. I want to keep documenting more and more of the students' experiences, and share what I saw and felt to the larger world.

Solar Water Heater Opening Ceremony

Our Partners

Cixing school

The Yushu Cixing school offers free education for the victims of Yushu Earthquake, or those in financial distress. In the 10 years since the earthquake, Cixing school has sent hundreds of students to QingHai University to study Tibetan medicine. Yushu reborn is currently partnering with the Cixing school in an effort to provide more underprivileged children the Yushu area with free, quality education. 


Thangka Studio 


Thangka Studio 

Yushu Reborn is currently in partnership with the Nangqian Gahma Thangka studio in Yushu, Tibet. The studio takes in Yushu Earthquake victims and supports them to become the next generation Thangka Artists. The Thangka studio provides Yushu Reborn with artworks, and we help display these works on charity art exhibitions we hold. Yushu Reborn also helps with selling the Thangkas produced by the studio, and 100% of the revenue is used to provide more children with free education at the Cixing school.

The studio is featured on more about it here

Work Photos

The Team


Haotian Yang

Founder and Overall Manager

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Zhao Chen

Non-profit Grant Writer, Currently working with the Cixing school


Peter Lau

Head of Business Management


Yichen Huang

Founder, Head of All Media Productions

包勇 2021-10-10 21.33.45.jpeg


Chief photographer. Worked as a philanthropic photographer for  20+ years in Tibet

Yushu Reborn

Photos Credit: Yichen Huang & Baoyong

Video Credit: Yichen Huang

Copyright @ 2021 Haotian Yang All Rights Reserved.

We’re a non-profit dedicated to supporting Yushu Earthquake victims to obtain medical school education.

We’re working under Springside Chestnut Hill Academy`s Center For Entrepreneurial Leaership 500 West Grove Avenue, Philadelphia,PA19118

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