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Project Sunshower


A Warm Winter for the Children at Cixing School

The challenge

Cixing school wasn't equipped with any water-heating facilities to ensure the supply of hot water for shower. This is not a major problem during the moderately warm summer days. However, during the long, cold winters on the Tibetan plateau, temperatures can drop to -4°F ~ -40°F, thus making showering a challenging problem.


Our solution

The Yushu Reborn team has visited and stayed in Tibet for months during 2020, and we couldn't help but notice the ample sunlight on the plateau across all seasons. As such, we think that the most cost-efficient way for the school to heat up water is through a solar water heating facility. 

Our Solution

We partnered with a construction company in Xining, as well as a charity foundation in Jiangxi, China, to build a solar water heater at a 9-ton capacity. It can support up to 300 people to shower, which is more than enough for the school. 


The construction work was finished in August, 2021. Now the entire Cixing school and all of its students have access to hot water for showers. 

Yushu Reborn

Photo Credit: Baoyong & Yichen Huang

Video Credit: Yichen Huang

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We’re a non-profit dedicated to supporting Yushu Earthquake victims to obtain medical school education.

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